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Meet Supersonic Team

Supersonic is a Danish company that designs, develops and produces discs.

At Supersonic Discs we've assembled a Super Team, where we all strive to make Supersonic Discs flourish by using our expertise and experience in each of our own individual skillsets.

SuperSonic Boom Logo

Our Logo

Just like when an object breaks the speed of sound and makes supersonic waves, our logo is a representation of what our company strives to do in the disc sport, to make waves and spread our products far and wide, just like when something makes a sonic boom the sound waves travels far and wide, that’s what we strive to achieve with our unique and innovative disc lines.

The supersonic history

The first Supersonic wave happened way back when Peter first started playing the disc sports, when it came to Denmark back in the 70’s, and his passion for the sport grew into a nerdy approach to always better himself and train until he couldn’t anymore, pushing himself to the limits that the discs placed upon his, limitations that he pondered how he could push further.

But the second, and bigger Supersonic wave happened a summer day in 2022, when he was playing a game on a course, where one person from his group stood before a waterhole and had to decide to gamble either loosing one of his good discs in hopes it’ll make it to the other side, or simply sacrifice another disc to the water that he didn’t use, to get closer to the basket.

And that’s when the thought appeared, why isn’t there any discs that flies far enough to make it to the other side of the waterhole, but if it were to hit the water, that it could still float in the water so the players wouldn’t be lost at the bottom of the water hole.

After that he researched the project, and saw a common pattern where discs were molded after an airplane wing, but Peter’s theory was that a disc is a gyroscope shape and doesn’t fly like an airplane wing, since it doesn’t have a motor and spins around itself using its gyroscopic shape to push itself further forward.

After that revelation he started to make prototypes and make his own discs, where he quickly found out that, his discs flew seamlessly through the air with less force, giving his discs more glide and more precession, that’s why he worked out his patent and started to make Supersonic a reality.

But to carry this brand further than just being a disc in Peter’s hand, he first got in contact Nikolaj, who joined the team to give his expertise and figure out how to mass produce Supersonic discs. Next came Bjørn, who Peter invited in due to his amazing art and wonderful ability to brand Supersonic discs, giving us our unique branding. And last but not least came Martin, who came onboard to make another Supersonic Wave, to push our brand out and sell them, so our costumers can get their hands on our amazing discs.

Our journey started as a small Supersonic wave of an idea, resulting in a product where we strive to make discs that make it possible for everybody to enjoy the disc sports, whether your new or experience, starting out in the sport or need another reason to come back on the playing field. Our disc can be used and thrown by everyone, with less strain and more precision, making it possible for everybody to create their own Supersonic waves on the course, with their Supersonic Discs.

Meet the Supersonic team

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