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Plastic & Stamps


We only make discs in what is classified as premium plastic. We strive to make products where we can stand behind the quality, that’s why we only have two selections of plastic, one for our normal color’s discs and one for our glow discs.

Sonic Grip

Our Sonic Grip is a plastic mixed, carefully crafted to get a comfortable grip focused on making sure the discs don’t slip out of your hand before you’re ready to throw them, giving you the most control that we’re able to provide. Even with all of this comfortability in focus, our plastic still enhances our discs flying abilities, our plastic is so lightweight most of our models can float in water on top of this our patented shape and plastic mixes perfectly, meaning that even if you dent your disc, they’ll keep their flying abilities, even when they’re roughed up.

Sonic Glow

Our Sonic Glow is a Plastic that has the same properties as our Sonic Grip plastic, but we’ve added our Glow to our disc. It’s an amazing glow that lights up with just a small flash of UV-light, it often takes a lot of time to charge up a glow disc. Not ours, we’ve done all we can to let our disc shine as much as possibly can, by fine tuning our plastic mix. Our glow discs easily light up, even from great distances, it’s got a unique ability to absorb and contain the glow for a long period of time, where the glow is on full blast. No need to fear, your glow disc will never escape you again, at least not at night.

Take note! Be sure to not leave your glow disc out in the sun or under UV-light for extended periods of time. Prolonged exposure, will damage the glow effect.


At Supersonic discs we’ve tried to choose safer and more reliable ways to stamp our discs. And we’ve tried to improve upon other methods, that have a high risk for a faulty stamp, that’re commonly used in the disc golf field, to reduce waste.
Our designs are bold, and some have bigger surfaces than seen before, and that’s possible because we’ve chosen safer options and improved on a process that too often has been rushed.

Silkscreen print

Our currently main stamp method is Silkscreen Printing, it’s a more reliable way to produce discs, meaning that less faulty stamps are going to waste. The awesome thing about this method is the cool matte finish that the stamp has after it’s printed. And we have free opportunity to explore with a bunch of different color variations, that we’re excited to play more with, when our future designs launch.

Hot Stamp

Hot stamps are a commonly used stamp method, and a very beloved one, we love it as well, the cool metallic finish to a disc, or a color with an iridescent sheen, is something that’s sure to catch your eye. And that’s why we’ve focused immensely on making our own hot stamp machine, where the prints will be more reliable, so less discs are getting misprinted or destroyed, we take a longer time to print our discs to ensure the quality of is in focus and the stamps can be perfect.

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