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Press and Logo

Supersonic wants to make it easy to access our logo and some other pictures, to be able to make it easier for others to talk about our company and invite people to easily engage with our company.

That’s why we’ve made our Logo, and other pictures, easily available to be downloaded. Just see refer to the download links on the bottom of the page.

Supersonic is a Danish company where we produce new patented discs, discs with a shape that heightens aerodynamics due to our focus on going back to the basics and refiguring out what makes a discs fly, rather than what was thought to be true before.

Our core mission is to make the disc sports fun for people to get into and continue playing, we’re doing this by making the play more seamless and giving new and experienced players a tool, our discs, that enhances their play and skills.

We want to make the disc sports available for everybody, so no one is left behind and can enjoy playing with discs.


If you have any further questions or inquiries, then please contact us on, and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Download Links

Click the pictures, and press the download button to download.
Please remember to credit us as your source.


Concept photos

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