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Patents and developments

At Supersonic discs, we've gone back to the basics and by developing a disc shape that we've patented, this page will give you a glimpse into what our patent is, and how we've achieved to develop our discs and test our prototypes.

Patented Ellipsis Shape


Patented Ellipsis Shape

For decades on end the discs that has been produced has been inspired by the shape of a plane wing, the shape thought to be the most optimal form for throwing and achieving high speed.

But throughout our trails and prototypes (over 180+ different prototypes!) that our innovator, Peter, has made we’ve found a new and improved shape that results in better grip, control and throw length. The actual shape the edges a disc needs is an ellipsis, since a disc moves as a gyro and not a wing, this geometric shape solves a wild array of problems that stems from the previous wing shape.

The gyro shape gives us an opportunity to improve the stability of the disc, meaning that we’re able to place more of the discs’ weight towards the outer edge. The added weight means that the rotational momentum is increased, which means that no matter how much the wind blows, the disc will keep its projection.

Due to this discovery, we’ve been working on making our own discs, containing this new outer-rim shape. We’ve got a patent on this shape, meaning that it’s something that no one else in the game has done before, and you won’t be able to get your disc game alleviated to a whole new level.

The new unique shape offers a wide range of benefits that’ll significantly enhance the performance of the discs, due to the elliptical edge it helps balance the pressure between the top and bottom of the disc, which leads to a more stable and predictable flight path, even in challenging weather conditions.

Additionally, the shape of the discs provides a better performance with gentle throw, meaning that you’ll no longer have to strain your body when you must throw far, but can keep a more stable and comfortable throw pattern and still obtain the same or better performance with Supersonics unique shape.

Patented Design Excerpt
Second movers


Second movers

After more than 40 years of a marked where only slight changes and modifications to the original golf disc shape, we’ve invented something new and groundbreaking. Meaning that Supersonic discs are second movers with a shape that differs from the original, where our discs will aim to break barriers that has never been able to be broken before.

We’re proud to be the first company to step out of the comfort zone with our innovative discs’ designs, we’re trying to enter the established and well-loved disc marked with the intent to elevate what’s already good to something great. Since we’re second movers, we’ve taken what we saw as problems and limitations from the origan concept and introduce a new individual shape containing improvements and optimization that will set our discs apart in the landscape of disc golf.   

180+ Prototypes


180+ Different Prototypes

The process of designing the discs started in 2022, when Peter got the idea to dive into how he could improve upon the discs he played with every time he played a round of disc golf. While he liked the discs he had, he still had some different qualms about them that he felt like had the chance to be improved upon.

That’s how he came up with the new patented outer shape for a disc, through trials and tribulations of different prototypes in differing shapes and sizes of discs that he produced on his own CNC-machine, he found out what to do, and what not to do.

From the first disc to the latest model, he has amassed a collection of over a 180+ (And still counting!) different prototypes, that each have their own unique qualities, he found the different parameters that matter for a disc’s flying abilities.

Disc Prototype Making

He has opened the endless possibilities of what Supersonic disc can offer, which is a wide range of fine-tuned discs that eventually will be able to assist the player in every stage of their disc golf experience.

Whether it’s a putter, midrange, or distance driver, Supersonic has already made the prototypes, that aim to fill that spot, which hopefully will find a warm place in your bag, as we’ll aim to make our prototypes into final discs, and we hope you’ll keep us company throughout our journey.

Disc Prototypes
Improved Production


Improved production strategies

One of the main focuses we’ve had our eyes on is the production of our discs, we’ve wanted to optimize how we can ensure that every disc is the same, no matter when and where the disc is improved, you’re sure to get the same disc in your hand every time, no matter what batch you get. No more uncertainty, if you’re new disc will fly as well as the new one you ordered.

Peter has made new machines and improved upon other known methods, which has led us to the point where we’ve achieved a production of discs that are as close to one another as the production method allows.

Which allows us to produce and make discs that uphold the intended form as they were designed, therefore we are ensured that every time we make a prototype and it’s handling and flying the way we want it to, we know that the final disc will do to the same.

Furthermore, other than just ensuring the shape of the disc is as intended, we’ve also improved upon the machines that are used for the graphics of our discs. With improved hot stamp techniques and avid UV-print technology we’ve made what was once thought impossible possible. Which is giving our in-house artist, Bjørn, free reigns to make beautiful and attention-grabbing designs that can encompass Supersonic discs identity and represent our costumers own taste and personality. Luckily, Bjørn is a highly skilled artist, meaning that he has a unique ability to traverse a lot of different art-styles and genres, giving you the biggest ability to find just the right design for you.

Other Patents


Other Patents

Is the shape of the disc the only thing that we have a patent on? The short answer? No.

Can we currently reveal everything? Unfortunately, no, but just know that in the coming future our discs will contain a new twist in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

Our other patent will lead to a new design (still containing our patented ellipsis form!) that leads to discs that can fly further, have a better grip, with inspiring design and distribute the weight of the discs in an innovative way.

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