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The environment is an important thing, both in general, but also in regard to maintaining our courses and giving us the ability to enjoy a challenging course in perfect surroundings.

That's why we've focused on making sustainable products, and improving our discs to lessen the harm they can inflict.


We love trees and animals

A big advantage of our new patented ellipses form is that our discs no longer have sharp edges that are being thrown at high speeds. The sharp edges often have the effect that when a disc it hits other objects, often trees when we play outdoors, it can be quite damaging to the environment that we play in.

But due to the softer and less sharp look and feel of our discs it means that nature is preserved better, less incidents of trees having harsh dents, bark flying off, leaving the tree vulnerable and exposed, is not as big of a concern with Supersonic discs.

Additionally, to sparing our green friends, our softer edge will also spare the furry friends we may accidentally meet along the way during our time playing the courses. Of course, we never encourage hitting any living beings with the discs, since they are not made to play catch, but if it so happens to graze the unfortunate being, at least the softer shape has a lesser chance of harming our unsuspecting friends.

(humans are cool too)

Trees and Animals


Those damned water holes

Bodies of water are often incorporated on the beautiful disc golf courses spread out around the world. These are integral to the ecosystem, both for the creatures and plants in the water and those living around them. That’s why we’ve been focused on choosing materials that won’t harm the environment.

Another unfortunate thing that often occurs when we’re out playing on a course, is the one hole on the course, that just makes our palms sweaty as the nerves set in. The hole containing a body of water.

Do you often find yourself switching to a disc you don’t often use, so that if you were so unlucky to miss and hit the dreaded water that it’d be that one to be sacrificed? Or maybe even biting the bullet and choosing to throw around, on the safer route, even if it costs you a point or two, just to save your beloved disc?

Well, we have, and that’s why we’ve tried to find a solution to this problem…

Water Holes


Vision of oil-free plastic

A thing we’ve been very focused on during our development process is to ensure that the plastic we’re using is suitable for discs, and that they’re sustainable in the long run. Which we’ve also explain in one of the previous sections

But once we get the opportunity to explore with other different materials, we want to be able to create our own plastic that’s ideal for our discs. And in that vision, we also want to explore the possibilities of making a plastic that’s sustainable and won’t be using oil.


We’d rather try to find other alternatives to oil that works just as well, (Or even better!) so that our productions won’t make use of our limited non-renewable resources.

The process of making a new plastic will take time, but it’s a thing that we strive to make a reality in the future. Finding it to be a fun opportunity to learn and grow, to further improve upon our discs with the right materials, while also choosing to go a more sustainable route.

Oil-free plastic



At Supersonic we want to uphold quality of production for our discs and ensure that are products are safe to use, that’s why we’ve gotten our products CE-certified, where we’re able to proudly say that our products uphold the different categories it falls under, ensure it’s safe to use and not harmful for the environment.

We’ve gotten each of our discs certified, so they uphold all the standards, both for the CE-certification and for PDGA-approvement of the discs, our CE-certification are shown below:




Sugar Glider

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