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B2B Information

We here at Supersonic Discs, don’t directly sell to consumers, and we operate on a business-to-business basis. That’s why we rely on our Supersonic Vendors to sell our products and bring them out to our customers.

If your business is interested in getting to be one of our Supersonic Vendors, information about what it means and how to apply is written lower on the page.

Already a verified Supersonic Vendor?

Login here, to access your account:

What does it mean to be a Supersonic Vendor?

When you’re a Supersonic Vendor you’ll get a profile on our website, where you can log into and get some benefits, furthermore the profile will make us able to contact you more easily, and keep tabs on each of our vendor, so no one of our Supersonic Vendors will be kept out of the loop.


Early information for upcoming releases or restocks.

When we’re in the stages of producing our newest line of discs, including both new discs releases or restocks, you’ll be the first to be informed of these news. This means you’ll be able to order early, and be able to put Supersonic discs up on the shelf upon release or restock. This will be sent to your connected email.

Access to product information and photos.

To make it easy for your business to sell our Supersonic Disc, you’ll get your own Supersonic Vendor profile, where you easily can download files including product information such as datasheets of the discs characteristics but also the discs description, furthermore you’ll get access to product photos of the discs you’ve ordered, to put them up on your site.

Easy direct contact to Supersonic

A s a vendor we’ll be focused on answering and following up on any inquires you may have, so we’ll prioritize to answer any questions you may have, about upcoming releases, restock or other questions.

Chance to establish custom store specific designs

We have created a productions process where we at Supersonic Disc can custom make prints, where we’ll be able to grant designs incorporating your store’s name or logo, making a perfect union between your store’s brand and Supersonic Discs.

Opportunities to sell limited run prints in your store

We’re eager to explore prints and test new designs, which will lead to us producing small series of discs, which are too small to sell on a larger scale. But we’re eager to test them on our customers, this will mean that some stores will get the opportunity to be the sole seller and first seller of a limited run print. Giving you the opportunity to be the sole seller and us the opportunity to test the marked and see if the limited run print should find a place in our standard selection.

Interested in becoming a Supersonic Vendor?

Contact us on our email, at, tell us about your business and write and inquiry so we can see if you can buy our products.

When this has been done sign up here, fill out your information and we’ll approve your request to become a member of our website, so you can access your own profile and get access to the product files and get into the Supersonic Loop and stay updated on our business ventures.

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