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SKU: 1002010371

Whether you’re a rookie or a certified master in the disc sport. We all have a youthful free spirit on the course. Embrace that carefree side of you with this amazingly charming discos kid design. Practice makes perfect, and with a print like this you have no excuse not to practice.


Loop - Out now!

The Loop disc is a bridge between Ultimate and Disc golf, a perfect merge making it a perfect disc to explore a new sport, but also giving seasoned players an ace up their sleeve, by having a straight flying approach disc that’ll become essential to your game.


Where to Buy

Locate your Supersonic Discs Dealers nearest you, so you can become part of the Supersonic Universe with your own disc.

Color: White
  • Specifications

    Size: Ø24 cm

    Weight: 178g

  • Flight Rating

    2 | 9 | 0 | 0

  • Model Name


  • Plastic Quality

  • Type


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