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SKU: 1302401856

Our scribbled designed mixes perfectly with our unique mixed disc color, an off-white disc, randomly sprinkled with fun colors perfected with our messy ring print. Through chaos emerges beauty, and that’s exactly what this print encases.


Sugar Glider - Coming July 25th!

A fairway driver, that’s never seen before. The Sugar Glider is perfect to throw in a slow arm speed, be gentle and it’ll spread its wings to fly bewildering lengths never seen before. The disc flies best in tail wind or calm weather, giving it plenty of opportunity to ride the winds, just as a Sugar Glider would.


Where to Buy

Locate your Supersonic Discs Dealers nearest you, so you can become part of the Supersonic Universe with your own disc.

Color: Mix
  • Specifications

    Size: Ø21,6 cm

    Weight: 177g

  • Flight Rating

    11 | 6 | -1 | 1

  • Model Name

    Sugar Glider

  • Plastic Quality

  • Type

    Fairway Driver

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