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SKU: 1103011271

We all know where our putters actually belong… In the bag? No. In the basket. Get into the zone by always flaunting where you’re aiming for, the basket. And that just makes it that much cooler when your perfect putts meet the chains.


Momentum -- Out Now!

Momentum is a putter with an exceptional ability to fly laser straight, and maintaining it’s glide longer than other putters you’ve had in your hand before, diminish your points by enhancing your putts with our SuperSonic putter.


Where to Buy

Locate your Supersonic Discs Dealers nearest you, so you can become part of the Supersonic Universe with your own disc.

Color: White
  • Specifications

    Size: Ø21,5 cm

    Weight: 177g

  • Flight Rating

    3 | 7 | 0 | 0

  • Model Name


  • Plastic Quality

  • Type


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