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SKU: 1103021151

Become the Psychic on course, you’ll gain full controllability of your disc that it’ll almost seem supernatural. Be able to perfectly predict your Momentums flight and trajectory, drawing eyes of wonder upon you, from others when you throw your disc. And it’s not just because the disc glows in the dark, it’s because you do too.


Momentum - Out Now!

Momentum is a putter with an exceptional ability to fly laser straight, and maintaining it’s glide longer than other putters you’ve had in your hand before, diminish your points by enhancing your putts with our SuperSonic putter.


Where to Buy

Locate your Supersonic Discs Dealers nearest you, so you can become part of the Supersonic Universe with your own disc.

Color: Glow
  • Specifications

    Size: Ø21,5 cm

    Weight: 170g

  • Flight Rating

    3 | 7 | 0 | 0

  • Model Name


  • Plastic Quality

  • Type


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