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SKU: 1203021651

We all need a splash of something amazing in our life, and that’s what this disc could be for you. A simple motif that simulates the splash of when a disc (totally not yours) breaks the waters surface. And the added Glow in the dark feature, is sure to make it easy to relocate your disc.


Pondskater - Coming July 11th!

The fairway driver that you’ll never loose again, this disc is designed to be able to float, even in its heaviest weight. It’s a fairway driver that has a perfectly controllable S-curved shot, with a long glide that always offers great precisions, making it perfect for fearlessly tackling those water holes.


Where to Buy

Locate your Supersonic Discs Dealers nearest you, so you can become part of the Supersonic Universe with your own disc.

Color: Glow
  • Specifications

    Size: Ø21,6 cm

    Weight: 168g

  • Flight Rating

    9 | 4 | -2 | 2

  • Model Name


  • Plastic Quality

  • Type

    Fairway Driver

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