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Tips and tricks

For Choosing the Right disc

Understanding Flight Numbers

A thing you’ll quickly run into when you’re browsing for discs are flight numbers, these are used to understand how the disc is expected to behave during flight.

Different companies use different flight number systems, but when you’re browsing Supersonic discs, you’ll be met with our own flight numbers system.

Due to our patented design and new profile, our discs are different from the others on the marked, meaning that we find it necessary to classify them manner that fits our discs flying abilities, to the fullest extent. Making it easier for the user to understand what they can expect from the disc.

While these flight numbers aren’t always fully reliable, they can be used as guidelines for what to expect of a disc.

So, what do these numbers mean? The flight numbers consist of 4 numbers, telling you 4 key pointers of how the disc flies, telling you about the disc Speed, Glide, Turn and Fade.

Stable, Overstable and Understable, what's the difference?

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