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First Supersonic Interview

Back in May, right before our Loop Launch, Peter met up with The Danish Disc Golf Guy for an interview about Supersonic Discs.

During the interview The Danish Disc Golf Guy, René, asked Peter about how we started Supersonic, what we want to achieve with our discs and what our future plans are for products, we even give you the opportunity to request in the comments what you want that we make.

Peter also had a chance to show off some of the different tests and experiments that we’ve conducted during our development and testing of our patented design, so you’ll get a glimpse into how we’ve reached our disc shape!

So, check out the interview to get interesting details about Supersonic discs, and hear our theories and explanations for how we designed and developed our discs, such as the parachute effect and Bernoullis effect.

We had fun while filming, huge thanks to René for letting us feature on his channel!


The interview is in Danish, but English subtitles will be added, we’re working on it, asap!


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