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Momentum launch!

It’s finally time to gain momentum on the course and begin to take your putts to the next level!

We’re excited to finally launch our Momentum putter, with the stats 3|7|0|0, is up for grabs on the Danish marked. Our Momentum is the second of our Supersonic Discs to hit the marked, joining our midrange Loop in our launch line-up.

This putter is amazingly avid in flying and holding the trajectory that you throw it at. Simply aim, throw and hit your target. Since the Momentum also uses our patented design, it means that it has a long glide, flies easily and effortlessly through the air and the disc shape makes it less affected by the wind.

Our 5 different designs are available from today! In 4 different colors, including a glow option, and 5 different stamps, 3 different weight classes, what more could you wish for, really?!

Go to our disc section to check out the designs and weights and check out our selected dealers to see where you can get your hands on your own Momentum!


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