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Pondskater Launch!

What’s that? Floating in the water? That’s the Supersonic Pondskater! And now it’s finally able to carry you closer to the basket.

Our third disc launch is officially going to be released in stores on the 11th of July!

Our Pondskater is a fairway driver, with the flight stats of 9|4|-2|2, it’s a disc with exceptionally long glide, giving you an easier time to diminish your points on the course.

Like all our other discs, our Pondskater is made to be thrown with lower speed and more spin, straining you less, while giving you better control.

The Pondskater is especially fun, since it’s a disc that has the unique ability to make a controllable S-curved throw or a great sidearm disc. Don’t be fooled though, it’s still an all-around good disc for making great throws, giving you great control when having to tackle those devious waterholes.

What’s even better? Our Pondskater can float in water, even in the heaviest weight! A disc that flies excellently, and still able to float in water, making it perfect for those risky throws! Even if you were to miss, you don’t have to fear losing it, it’ll float right back!

Check out our promo video for our Pondskater, uploaded to our YouTube channel!

Our Pondskater is launching in 3 different weights, with 5 different unique designs and 5 disc colors, even a glow option!

Go to our disc section to check out the designs and weights and check out our selected dealers to see where you can get your hands on your own Pondskater!


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