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The Supersonic Launch

The Supersonic Disc website is finally up in the air! Just like our discs will be soon!


We’re excited to start this journey where we’ll be able to put in our offer as to what can elevate the disc sport to new heights.


Our vision is working towards making it possible for everyone to enjoy partaking in the disc sports again. Giving avid players an opportunity to up their game more, beginners to fall in love with the sport and for those who’ve had to retire, whether by injury or age, to get a second chance to be on the course.


Our disc line consists of 4 different discs. Loop, Momentum, Sugar Glider and Pondskater.

One putter, One Midrange and two under stable fairway drivers, that all are made to be easy to control and fly further than though possible, with little power. Giving people with low arm speed a chance to throw further than before, and people with high arm speed a chance to save their strenght and put less strain on their body, while still reaching the same or greater distances than what they’re used to.


Our journey doesn’t stop here, we have a vision of introducing other upcoming discs, when we’ve gotten the momentum on the marked to produce other discs, our team is ready with both prototypes and designs that’ll make our upcoming launches exciting too.

For those already asking for an over stable disc, don’t worry we’ve already have 180+ prototypes and a bunch of them are over stable, so they will arrive on the marked when we’ve got the chance to make new molds!


We’re excited to embark on this amazing adventure, and we hope that you’re going to be along with us and become a part of the Supersonic Universe.


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