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Patented discs, designs and features that ensure a new and elevated throwing experience
Designed and engineered by Peter

Loop - Retro
Loop - Astronaut

Get ready to soar to new heights

Check out our all-new Supersonic Discs!

We have new 4 discs up for grabs, each with their unique characteristics that with their patented design is sure to elevate your game.

Our Disc Molds

Want to learn more about our disc models, recommende use and what each disc unique characteristica is?


Where are my discs!?

Want to see where you can you get your hands on a Supersonic disc?

We've made it easy for you to figure out who has our discs and where you can get them!

The Supersonic DNA

Have you wondered what makes Supersonic Discs different?

Click here and we'll try to shed some light on what we have to offer!

Tips and tricks

Are you looking for a way to up your game?

This can be done through choosing the right discs.

We'll try to tell you what to be aware of when you're looking to buy!

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